Spaghetti Squash

25 Jan

(updated 3/3/10)

1 spaghetti squash
1 can low sodium chicken broth
1 tbsp garlic powder, divided

– Halve raw spaghetti squash with a sturdy sharp knife, scoop out, and discard the squash poop with a spoon. (Editor’s note: “Squash poop”! BWAA!)
– Place halves into individual microwave-safe bowls.
– Sprinkle half of the garlic powder, plus salt and pepper to taste, into the halved squash.
– Fill the squash halves with chicken broth.
– Cover each bowl tightly with plastic wrap (I recommend Glad Press-n-Seal, regular Saran Wrap just melts away).
– Microwave squash on HIGH for five minutes at a time. Test squash at each interval by pushing a fork into various areas of the inner part of the squash. The squash is done when the fork goes all the way through the squash with no resistance.
– Example: One half of a small squash (fit into a cereal bowl) was done at thirteen minutes. I had to microwave each half separately because I can’t fit two bowls at a time in my microwave.
– Use a fork to scoop and separate squash strands, add any other ingredients you like at this point. Parmesan, Romano, or Pecorino, Feta, are all excellent additions to this dish, as well as, meat, sausage, veggies, olives, the list is endless.
– WARNING **** If you use a loose tomato based sauce DO NOT add it immediately to the squash; this makes the squash runny, mushy, and unpalatable. Instead garnish the dish with a little bit of sauce atop the squash, and then offer more sauce on the side, in a separate dish.


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